20 APR 2018 – Grand Growl

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To: All Packs & Pounds of RI, ME, NH, VT, NE Division

From: Pack Leader Cherie Monnell NH Pack MODD

Ref: 2018 NE Division Conference & Quad State Convention

Grand Growl – Holiday Inn 1068 Williston Rd. S. Burlington VT 05403

Calling all Dogs:

The NH Pack will be hosting the Grand Growl at the NE Division Conf. & Quad State Conv. on 20th April 2018, Friday night at 1930.

At 1900 passports stamp (1 passport bone & 1 bone for showing up)) table will be set up outside the dog house. The dogs that are only coming for the Grand Growl will be charged a registration fee of 1 Big Bone plus 4 big bones for not staying, as they do not have to pay the Quad registration fee of $25.

Now Hear This!

NH Pack request that all Packs or Pounds send names & paperwork of all who will advance or join the Order at the Grand Growl, to NH Pack Dog Robber Bruce Katz- brucejkatz@aol.com or USPS to VT Pound 249 Dog Robber Barbara Kauffman, PO Box 311 Jericho VT 05465. Please advise NH Jr. Pack Leader Bryan Westover, cwo2wes@aol.com a count of those who may be attending the Grand Growl.

Any questions or comments please direct to NH Pack Leader Cherie Monnell – commandant@nhmarines.org  or 207 752-0025.

Woof Woof

Cherie Monnell PDD NH Pack
Pack Leader