20 SEPT 2020 – Quarterly Department Meeting & Growl

COVID-19 Safety Protocol: All Marines attending the quarterly meeting and growl are required to wear masks for entry and participation in the event(s). Seating will also be arranged to create distancing between participants. Please also consider bringing personal hand sanitizer or wipes to help create a safe environment for yourself and others.

I am happy to report that our next quarterly DNH MCL meeting is scheduled and will physically take place at American Legion Post 21, 7 Perly Street, Concord, NH on Sunday, Sept. 20, 2020 beginning at 1100. The cantina/bar is open for normal operations at this time, so there is opportunity to enjoy refreshments after the meeting.

As a reminder, the bylaws instruct that this meeting will be the first of three calls for nominations for officers in the upcoming department election (March 2021). As a reminder, the term for officers is two years, with a maximum of two consecutive terms. For the record, I am completing my first term as department commandant, as are all the currently elected officers.

I plan to announce a growl of Pound #159 in a separate communication for the same date, as is customarily done (Growl held in conjunction with Department Meeting). Please be sure to share this date/time (9/20/2020 @ 1230 for the Growl of the Pound) during your regular comms with Marines in your detachments.
This will be my first MCL event since attending the banquet of the Quad State Convention in Maine in July. I am glad we can begin to look forward to physical meetings and exchanges, so far as your own health and circumstances will permit.

Thank you for remaining patient and safe while the DNH MCL made arrangements to physical meet in person. Please respond to me individually with your ability or a representative(s) availability from your detachment to participate in this event by Sept.15, 2020. My hope is there are enough Marines to establish quorums for these events. For this reason, please make sure this message gets the widest of dissemination in your units.