Devil Dogs

Military Order of the Devil Dogs of New Hampshire

Pack Leadership:

Worthy Pack Leader:        Cherie Monnell, PDD
Worthy Dog Robber:         Bruce Katz, DD


Pound Keeper - Pound 159   Mark Lindsey, PDD
Dog Robber - Pound 159     Frank Diekmann, PDD

Pound Keeper - Pound 349   Frank Wisinski, DD
Dog Robber - Pound 349     Cherie Monnell, PDD
Military Order of Devil Dogs
Special Growl of the Pound 159
October 14, 2018 12:00
American Legion Post 21
7 Perley St, Concord NH
Two Dogs that are being advanced are Korean War Veterans, both being Chosin Reservoir Survivors. MODD Kennel bylaws state that they do not have to go to a Supreme Growl to be advanced to PDD and a PUP may be advanced to DD without going to a Grand Growl.

Please RSVP PDD Monnell ( letting her know if you are attending so seating may be arranged.

- All dog dues are to be in the paws of their pound's dog robber by August 5th so that the kennel will receive them by September 1st

- Please attend the growl at 1400 on 24 September so that the pound may continue to exist!