Devil Dogs

Military Order of the Devil Dogs of New Hampshire

Pack Leadership:

Worthy Pack Leader:        Cherie Monnell, PDD
Worthy Dog Robber:         Bruce Katz, DD


Pound Keeper - Pound 159   Mark Lindsey, PDD
Dog Robber - Pound 159     Frank Diekmann, PDD

Pound Keeper - Pound 349   Frank Wisinski, DD
Dog Robber - Pound 349     Cherie Monnell, PDD
Military Order of Devil Dogs
Growl of the Pound 159
September 24, 2017
American Legion Post 21
7 Perley St, Concord NH

- All dog dues are to be in the paws of their pound's dog robber by August 5th so that the kennel will receive them by September 1st

- Please attend the growl at 1400 on 24 September so that the pound may continue to exist!