Devil Dogs

Military Order of the Devil Dogs of New Hampshire

Pack Leadership:

Worthy Pack Leader: Cherie Monnell, PDD

Worthy Dog Robber:   Judith Jones, DD



Pound Keeper - Pound 159 Bruce Katz, DD

Dog Robber - Pound 159 Mark Lindsley, PDD

Pound Keeper - Pound 349 Frank Wisinski, DD

Dog Robber - Pound 349 Cherie Monnell, PDD

Military Order of Devil Dogs


Growls:  Special Pack Staff Growl

When:     September 14th @ 1300

Where:    Pack Leader Cherie Monnell's Dog House All members of both pounds are invited to attend.


  • Please RSVP PDD Monnell via email at or phone (207) 752-0025 letting her know if you are attending so seating may be arranged. BYOB and snacks to share are welcomed.
  • See below for possible agenda:
    • Change of banks for pack bank account
    • 3 mandatory documents needed at Kennel and chain of command
    • Death Notices and Dog Trainers' request
    • Sea Devil Dogs