Adjutant's Corner 

Department of NH

Member Meeting Minutes

For all prior years worth of minutes please go to the Archive Meeting Minutes page.

On Boarding

Ribbons & Awards - Detailed Breakdown - PowerPoint  presentation will download for you.

Uniforms – Detailed Breakdown -PowerPoint presentation will download for you.

Uniform Regulations - Detailed Breakdown of uniform regulations

Marine Corps League Official Uniform Components Store

Marine Corps League Department of New Hampshire logo patch


Marine of the Year Network Training - PowerPoint presentation with the training process.

Department of NH Bylaws - attached are from 2013, but new ones are in the works and will be posted once updated.

Department of NH Admin Procedures- Marine of the Year process, Conventions / Conferences, payment of dues, special uniform authorization, financial assistance to individual Marines, DNHMCL work uniform, scholarship committee, fund raising in another detachments area of coverage.

Department of New Hampshire Annual Scholarship - stay tuned for more information to come for 2024.

Honor Guard Policy and Procedure- To request funeral military honor guard please contact the Department Commandant Cherie Monnell.