Department Officers

To email the Department directly please use:


Cherie Monnell

(207) 752-0025

Sr. Vice Commandant

Gary Gahan

(603) 566-0687

Jr. Vice Commandant

Mark Lindsley

(603) 995-1267

Judge Advocate

John Cannon

(781) 956-6982

Past Jr. Commandant

John Jenkins

(508) 254-4138

Department officer - main with button up shirt, red Marine Corps League cover (hat) and an American Flag behind him.


Joe Duquette

(603) 540-9807

Department Officer - man in white button up shirt with red Marine Corps League cover (hat) with American flag behind him.

Marine 4 Life

Shawn Carboni

(603) 203-8266


Kim Benoit

(603) 554-8373


Dave Dubey

(603) 723-4193

Sgt at Arms

Michael Harnish

(603) 851-5943


Jo Zurwell

Email Only